A delicious 200-calorie protein shake full of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, fiber and probiotics to aid digestion. Low in carbs, and free of harmful ingredients.


CleanShake is a delicious 200-calorie protein shake that perfectly blends 30 grams of protein, 23 organic fruits, berries, root vegetables, seed, and 23 vitamins and minerals with 18 providing 100 percent daily value. High in fiber, very low in carbs, probiotics to aid digestion.

All of this with NO soy, gluten, fructose, pesticides, antibiotics, sucralose, sugar added, MSG, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, high fructose corn syrups, genetically modified ingredients, wheat, hydrolyzed proteins, hormones, carrageenan, rBGH, fillers and no chemical additives.

Nutritional Information

Indo Vanilla

Milk Cocoa

Organic Berry

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