Delicious low-calorie, high fiber bars made with pure processing and no harmful ingredients.

Box of 12 bars.


CleanBars are simply made with the highest-quality ingredients and all under 180 calories. What we’ve created is a delicious bar loaded with protein, energy and fiber.

Compare our short ingredient list to others and you’ll see immediately what sets us apart, a label with ingredients you know and understand such as organic nuts, organic coconut oil, organic flax seeds, organic clover honey, organic nut butters, organic Goji berries, organic chia seeds, organic hemp seeds, organic cocoa nibs....

CleanBars contain NO soy products, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, gluten, sucralose, GMO’s, fillers, carrageenan or preservatives.

Box of 12 bars.

Nutritional Information

Peanut Butter

Amazon Cocoa

Honey & Almond

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