Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you develop CleanShake?

Because there wasn’t a product on the market (that we could find) that was clean enough to use ourselves or give to our family. We know that we’ll have plenty of competition in the future because this is the direction that nutritional supplements are going, and we couldn’t be happier. Our goal was to create a product where you could actually read,understand, and recognize the ingredients on the label.

What sets CleanShake apart from its competitors?

Our label says it all. We’re all Organic with nothing and we mean nothing artificial added. Please compare CleanShake’s label with any other product on the market and the choice will be clear.

How many grams of protein does your protein shake have?

30 grams of pure antibiotic & rBGH-Free Whey Protein.

What’s in CleanShake?

21 fruits & root vegetables, 20 vitamins & minerals, flax seed, probiotics, ultra-premium whey protein and organic natural sweeteners.

What’s NOT in CleanShake?

CleanShake does not have any soy, gluten, fructose, pesticides, antibiotics, sucralose, added sugar, MSG, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients, wheat, hydrolyzed proteins, hormones, carrageenan, rBGH, fillers & no chemical additives.

Why don’t you sell your CleanShake in larger containers?

We like to keep CleanShake as fresh as possible and by selling cleanshake in smaller containers it helps us to achieve that goal. Also, instead of having a 30 day supply with one flavor, with CleanShake’s 12 day supply you can mix or match your monthly supply.

Is CleanShake expensive?

In this world you do truly get what you pay for. If you are buying your Nutritional supplements based on price alone, please read and compare the label to other similar brands and you’ll quickly see that those cheap products are cheap products, loaded with fillers and chemicals. CleanShake has NO fillers, chemicals or anything artificial. When you compare the cost of a CleanShake to a Latte or fast food meal, we think it’s extremely economical.

How does CleanShake taste?

It tastes great! We use only the finest Organic natural flavorings and the highest quality ingredients, which makes for a pretty tasty shake. What you won't get are any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Why is my container of CleanShake is not completely full?

During transportation there is settling of the product in the container, resulting in a volume reduction, which makes the container seem less full. All containers are weighed during packaging and Clean Laboratories guarantees their accuracy.

How do I measure one serving if I cant find my scooper?

One serving is approximately 8 tbsp.

Why is the Vanilla CleanShake an Amber color and not bright white?

Because we are an all Natural product with no artificial colors. Have you seen pure vanilla extract? A true amber color is an indication of natural vanilla. If it’s too white, it’s not right.

Why is there cholesterol in Whey Protein?

Whey products are animal-sourced and they contain a small quantity of naturally occurring dietary cholesterol. Cholesterol is essential to life. Furthermore, research suggests that saturated fats are twice as powerful in raising blood cholesterol levels as polyunsaturated fats are in lowering them, while dietary cholesterol has a smaller effect on blood cholesterol levels. Whey protein has been shown to lower cholesterol levels in a number of clinical studies. Moreover, certain bioactive components in whey protein may be responsible for the cholesterol reduction.

What is Monk Fruit?

According to legend, monk fruit is named after the Buddhist monks who first cultivated it nearly 800 years ago. Indigenous to Thailand and China, monk fruit a green round melon looking fruit and is grown on a vine. It has zero calories and is said to be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Why do I need protein?

Proteins are the basic building blocks of life. It provides your body with the amino acids it needs to grow and repair muscle tissue, along with the necessary components to keep your immune system healthy and make hormones, enzymes, skin, hair, nails, organs, and blood. Several factors affect how much protein your body needs, including age, height, weight, metabolic rate, exercise level, stress factors, sleep patterns, and the quality and quantity of food intake.

Why do you use Stevia in your products?

Besides tasting good, Stevia has no calories, a zero glycemic index (meaning it has no carbs), no artificial ingredients, and no effect on blood sugar. Stevia is a herb that grows wild as a small shrub native to South America whose leaves are the source of the sweetener. At the end of the day, it’s better than sugar.

What is the difference between rBGH free and Organic?

All Organic products are artificial hormone free, but not all artificial hormone free products are Organic. What this means is our rBGH free whey protein is guaranteed to be free of the bovine growth hormone.

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